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  1. A M Radinger1,
  2. K Schoberleitner2,
  3. A Schein3,
  4. M Ruppnig4
  1. 1Paediatric Hospital, Salzburg, Austria
  2. 2College for Occupation in The Social and Services Sectors, Saalfelden, Austria
  3. 3Peadiatric Psychiatry, LKH Tulln, Tulln, Austria
  4. 4University of Sports Science, Salzburg, Austria


Overweight is today’s most common paediatric chronical disease, trends predict a further increase in the western civilization. Intervention strategies, adapted at children’s age, to improve children’s present health and life quality on one hand and to reduce preterm morbidity and mortality on the other hand are required at this life period.

Up&Down should be understood as an intervention and prevention programme for obesity in childhood. With a multidisciplinary team we focussed on a constructive lifestyle modification.

Weekly time schedule: 2 sports lessons, biweekly nutrition education, monthly psychological sessions, occupational therapeutic lessons, introduction of different sports. 58 participants (aged 5–17) started, 43% completed the whole programme.

Boys reduced their weight in average with 2,9 kg, which is a reduction in SDS of 1,17, girls SDS −0,92, which were +0,7 kg. Girls grew 2,0 cm, boys 1,0 cm. BMI reduction was 1,46 kg/m2 by the boys, 0,33 kg/m2 by the girls. Before Up&Down started girls/boys spent 4,4/2,5 h/week with sports, with a fun factor (graduation 1–10) of 6,1/8. After the programme it was 7,39/7 h sports/week with a fun factor of 8,6/9,6. Weekly TV/PC consumption at the beginning was 13,5 h, at the end 9,6 h. Children ranked their self-confidence (graduation 1–10) at 6,2, after U&D at 8,8, their acceptance by classmates at the beginning 5,52, at the end 7,1. 64,7% noticed that their children have developed coping strategies for displeasing situations. 100% of all parents would participate again at the programme Up&Down.

Funding was done by Styrian government.

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