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  1. N Najati1,
  2. E OladSahebMadarek2
  1. 1Neonatalogy Department, Children’s Hospital, Tabriz Medical University, Tabriz, Iran
  2. 2Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Al-Zahra Hospital, Tabriz Medical University, Tabriz, Iran


Objective The aim of this study is evaluation of pregnancy in under 18-year-old women with special attention to maternal and neonatal complications.

Methods and Materials In this retrospective study from December 2000 to December 2001 all of the labours were studied at Al-Zahra Hospital. We studied maternal risk factors including their age, the kind of delivery and mother’s health condition. Neonates were evaluated according to prematurity, birth weight and their health condition. Other factors such as unmarried pregnancies, familial marriages were also studied.

Results There were 186 mothers under 18 years old (2.6% of all labours). We divided them into two groups: the first group under 15 years old and the second group 15–18 years old. The rate of normal vaginal delivery was 83% and caesarean section 17%. The prevalence of eclampsia and preeclampsia in the first group was twice that of the second group. The rate of stillbirth was 9.09% in the first and 4.6% in the second group. Anaemia in mothers was 50% in the first and 24.5% in the second group. The rate of prematurity was 18% in the first group versus 13.9% in the second group. Low birth weight neonates were 13.6% in the first and 17.2% in the second groups. The rate of very low birth weight was 4.5% in the first and 1.15% in the second group.

Conclusion Maternal age under 18 years is a risk factor for mothers and neonates and this risk increases for mothers under 15 years old.

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