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  1. L Planka1,
  2. D Stary1,
  3. P Gal1
  1. 1Child Surgery, Orthopedic and Traumatology Clinic, Faculty Hospital Brno, Brno, Czech Republic


Objective Injuries are the most frequent causes of death in the age group 0–24 years in the world. The Czech Republic belongs among other European countries with a high child trauma mortality. The extensive programme of children’s trauma prevention was started; its fundamental project is the foundation of a children’s trauma registry.

Methods For each region must be defined the risk points, risk groups of age, risk activities, the kind of transfer, family relationships, etc. To get the valid dataset from a large region, it is necessary to assemble them in one common information system. All the children’s trauma centres send into the registry particular information about important injuries. All the data are stored in the central safety database and data analysis will be carried out regularly. There are not only details regarding the trauma and about its primary treatment, but also information about potential violent origins and suicide attempts, follows quality of life after heavy trauma and search reciprocally significant relationships and sequence among all data.

Results Thanks to the collection and comparison of data from each region (Czech Republic) it was possible to define not only the risk activities and places, but to analyse more details and create effective preventive measures. A part of the presentation is a demonstration of results from the last period.

Conclusion To make an effective preventive precaution and to decrease the number of heavy traumas in children is needed exactly to define the risk areas for the first. It is the objective of the new Children’s trauma registry.

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