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  1. S Remberga1,
  2. I Rumba1
  1. 1University Children Hospital, Riga, Latvia


Methods In a retrospective cross-sectional study we studied 86 children aged 4 months to 13 years (CI 28,1 to 39,8) and established the sensitization to food and inhalatory allergens using ELISA test for identification of IgE antiboes. The mean ratio with a 95% confidence interval (CI) was calculated by applying the GraphPad programme, graphics were developed MS Excel.

Results Mostly children were sensitized to 3 or more food allergens. The mean age of symptom appearance was 8,46 months (CI 95% 5,72 to 11,2).Atopic diseases in family background were established in 31% children. 92% of 24 children were concomitantly sensitized to cow milk and soy. We also observed that egg white has a property to provoke more intense reaction (P = 0,01) when comparated to egg yolk.

Conclusions The majority of children (97%)have concomitant sensitization to multiple food allergens, however, upon reaching the age of 3 it increases towards inhalatory allergens and clinically there is a prevalence of respiratory symptoms confirming the that during the first year of life food allergy is a risk factor for developing bronchial asthma at a later stage in life.

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