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  1. M Murase1,
  2. T Miyazawa1,
  3. M Taki1,
  4. S Hibino1,
  5. H Sasaki1,
  6. T Watanabe1,
  7. M Sakurai1,
  8. H Miura1,
  9. Y Nishida1,
  10. K Mizuno1,
  11. K Itahashi1
  1. 1Department of Pediatrics, Showa University Hospital, Sinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, Japan


Own mother’s milk is the choice for preterm infants. Because some nutrients become short for the growth of the infants eventually, human milk fortifier will be necessary to fill the deficits. We need to know the accurate amount of nutrients in own mothers’ milk at bedside to know how much nutrient to add. The human milk analyzer (HMA, Miris(r)) has been developed and used mainly in European countries. We asked if the macronutrient values measured by HMA is comparable with these measured by traditional methods, and if we can dilute the milk sample for the HMA measurement in case available milk is not enough.

Subjects and Methods Firstly, protein, fat, and lactose contents in 24 breast milk samples were compared between HMA and traditional techniques. Secondary, we measured 23 samples to determine if half or one fourth dilution would yield an accurate value with the HMA.

Results In comparison between HMA and traditional technique, all three nutrients resulted in significantly positive correlation (p<0.001), although lactose content is reliable on the condition of the lactose content being within 6–7 g/dL. The lactose content measured by HPLC method was obtained by (3.05×HMA value-13.4). When compared the diluted samples with non-diluted one, fat and protein resulted in expected values even after dilution, but lactose did not.

Conclusion The human milk analyzer could inform us the amount of major nutrient in human milk, fat, protein, and lactose. However, when human milk is diluted, the content of lactose measured by HMA would overestimate.

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