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  1. D T Ramsay1,
  2. J C Kent1,
  3. L Chadwick1,
  4. H L McClellan1,
  5. J Deacon1,
  6. M Rowan1,
  7. C P Garbin1,
  8. P E Hartmann1
  1. 1The University of Western Australia, Crawley, WA, Australia


Objective Frenulotomy for infants with ankyloglossia experiencing breastfeeding difficulties improves milk supply, milk transfer and tongue action. However many infants with ankyloglossia are able to breastfeed successfully. We aimed to determine the sucking characteristics of these infants.

Methods Sub-mental ultrasound scans of the oral cavity of 4 infants with ankyloglossia were performed during breastfeeding. Intra-oral vacuums were measured simultaneously. Where possible 24-hr milk productions and milk intake for the breastfeed were measured.

Results See table.

Ramsay et al Sucking characteristics of infants with ankyloglossia

Discussion Although these infants had abnormal intra-oral vacuums and some compressed the nipple, breastfeeding was successful. This suggests that maternal breast/nipple characteristics and/or milk ejection may contribute to successful breastfeeding of some infants with ankyloglossia.

Conclusion Further studies are required to identify both infant and maternal characteristics that might affect breastfeeding infants with ankyloglossia.

The authors receive research funding from Medela AG (Switzerland).

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