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  1. R Bejiqi1,
  2. M Kelmendi1,
  3. R Retkoceri1,
  4. N Zeka1,
  5. H Bejiqi1,
  6. M Azemi1,
  7. N Gashi1,
  8. L Kryeziu1
  1. 1Pediatric Clinic, UCCK Prishtina, Prishtina, Kosovo


Background Cardiac tumors in infant and children are rare and has atypical systemic, embolic and cardiac presentation and late diagnosis. Rhabodmyoma is most often tumor complicated by embolisation or thrombosis. Echocardiographic examination of cardiac tumors is universally established and required method for determination of extent, location and homodynamic consequences of tumors. High level of level sensitivity of echocardiography has contributed in increasing the incidence of cardiac tumors and remains procedure of choice in screening. Aim of presentation is presenting child with solid big rhabdomyoma complicated by thromboses.

Methods Echocardiography, X-ray chest.

Presentation Three years old child was admitted with clinical signs of cardiorespiratory failure. X-ray chest presented pulmonary oedema, grosses and bizarre distortion of cardiac contour. 2-D ECHO presented solid, encapsulated tumor located apicoseptaly. After 3 weeks tumor has developed massive thrombus which has fill cavity of left ventricle and severally has compromised heart function. Despite medical treatment child has died after 8 days. Diagnosis has been verified in prosecture.

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