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  1. P Khoshnevis Asl1,
  2. H Babaei1,
  3. M Sadeghzadeh1,
  4. S Kavandi2
  1. 1Pediatrics Ward, Vali Asr Hospital, Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, Zanjan, Iran,
  2. 2Faculty of Humanity, Zanjan University, Zanjan, Iran


Objective Despite establishment of breast feeding as a major mode of feeding in infants, but when breast feeding is declined or terminated, cow’s milk formula provide an acceptable alternative. In this prospective and case control study we will try to show the difference of defecation process in breast fed and formula fed infants.

Methods From May 15, 2007 we started to record the data of all term, normal vaginal delivery and cesarean section neonates were borne in our hospital on especial forms and encouraged their mothers that inform us their baby’s feeding condition in regular periods. The cases with serious problems were eradicated from study. From all, 186 parents recall us for their babies feeding consulting. The data of these interviews were collected and analyzed in spss.

Results Forty-six (25%) mothers switch on formula after three months of complete her breast feeding, 37(20%) of cases were reported over 2 additional formula feeding as well as breast feeding during 24 hours. Forty-six infants whom continue their breast feeding were selected randomely. The number of breast feeding babies that had more than 4 fecal passage daily was 23 (50%) in comparison with formula feed infants that were only three cases (6%) (p<0,005).

Conclusions Defecation problem can be a symptom associated with many gastrointestinal disorders and systemic diseases including dietary causes. But in our study consideration with the baby’s age range was from one to 6 months, the dietary causes can not influence as etiologic factor on defecation process. More detail researches on formula structure for influence on defecation process is highly recommended.

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