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  1. L A Scheplyagina1,
  2. I V Kruglova1,
  3. N V Bolotova2
  1. 1The Laboratory of The Ecological and Preventive Pediatrics, The Federal Children Clinical Research Center of Haematology, Oncology and Immunology, Moscow, Russia
  2. 2The Department of Children Diseases, Saratov State Medical University, Saratov, Russia


Objective 60 children aged 7–8 years were included into the study. The main group included 30 children and the control group used for comparison – 30 children.

The medication vitamin-mineral complex “Complivit Active” (Russia) was administered to the children of the main group (1 tablet once daily for 3 months). Informed consent of all parents was obtained. The medication contains all principal vitamins, microelements.

Methods Nasopharyngeal microflora was determined in all children. Besides, blood serum γ-interferon, vitamin A, E and C levels, salivary IgA, sIgA levels were determined.

Results All children had a depletion of micronutrient supplies. S. aureus nasopharyngeal carriage state was diagnosed in 68% of children. Blood serum γ-interferon and salivary IgA level were above, sIgA- lower the normal range in most children. Blood serum vitamins C and A levels were at the lower normal limit. Blood serum vitamin E, zinc and selenium levels were within the normal range. A relief of intoxication symptoms (p = 0.05) and vitamin deficiency (p = 0.05) was noted after the medication “Complivit Active” supplementation (RC = 0,42; CI = 0,14 to 1,29). Besides, improved, hemoglobin index (p = 0.001) increased, the incidence of S. aureus nasopharyngeal carrier states (p = 0.01) decreased, blood γ-interferon levels became normal (p = 0.01), vitamin A and E supplies increased (p = 0.01) and salivary IgA levels decreased and sIgA- increased (p = 0.05).

Conclusions Our findings suggest that positive changes in the health state of children are related to the positive polymodal effect of the vitamin-mineral complex on the mechanisms of host defence of the child.

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