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  1. P A Sinitsyn1,
  2. M U Shcherbakova1,
  3. V I Larionova2
  1. 1Department of Children’s Disease 1, Russian State Medical University, Moscow, Russia
  2. 2Children’s Disease, State Paediatric Medical Academy, St Petersburg, Russia


Objective To determine the relationship between peculiar to metabolic syndrome clinical markers and variants of polymorphism separate genes in children with obesity.

Methods We studied 116 obese children aged 6–17 years old with varying degrees of obesity (I-IV). Height, weight, waist circumference (WC) and blood pressure level were measured. Lipid profile and level of glucose were analyzed. The estimate of findings was carried out by percentile tables. In 50 patients genotypes of ACE I/D and ß-3AR W/R polymorphism were determined by polymerase chain reaction.

Results The prevalence of the components was 69% for increased value of WC, 19,8% for persistent hypertension, 51,7% for lipid disorders, 22,4% for impaired glucose homeostasis. 9 out of 12 monozygous carriers (75%) of the D allele (D/D genotype) ACE gene, which is estimated as an independent risk factor for development malignant hypertension, had persistent high blood pressure (more than 95th percentile). In 8 out of 12 heterozygous carriers (66,7%) of so-called “protective” R allele (W/R) ß-3AR gene, in spite of high degrees of abdominal obesity (II-III with increased indices of WC), were not found out considerable lipid and carbohydrate metabolic disorders, that would be quite expected.

Conclusion The genetic factors may play the considerable role in formation and developing of clinical manifestation metabolic syndrome. Their determination helps to explain the presence or absence typical manifestations of the disease, and also to estimate the possibility and efficacy of a pharmacological treatment.

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