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  1. J T Marcinkowski1,
  2. M Urbańska-Kosińska2,
  3. E Kolarzyk3
  1. 1Chair of Social Medicine, Medical University, Poznan, Poland
  2. 2Paediatric Ward of Voivodship Hospital, Zielona Gora, Poland
  3. 3Department of Hygiene and Ecology, Jagiellonian University, Medical College, Krakow, Poland


The increasing incidence of Diabetes Mellitus type I (DM1) in Poland (1.8% of all children aged 0–18 years in 2006)leads to problems with carrying out care standards regarding children with DM1 in educational institutions.

Aim Analysis of current regulations linked to care of children with DM1 and evaluation of teachers’ duties and consciousness in this matter.

Methods Questionnaire survey was conducted among 116 teachers from schools and kindergartens. The range of care of children with DM1 to which teachers agree was examined.

Results Teachers agreed that they should have knowledge regarding proper dosing of insulin, the skill of taking blood samples for monitoring of glycaemia, the ability of making changes in the diet. They know that taking best possible care of children with DM1 is a law obligation to all personnel of educational facilities. Neglecting the duty of care of the children violates norms of the Act on Education System and Convention on Child’s Rights. In case of threat to children health and life, rules of Penal Code are applied. However, fulfilment of these duties contradicts with regulations which unequivocally forbid performing medical procedures by individuals with no medical education.

Conclusion Taking the best possible care over children with DM1 should be required from all teachers, since it’s their responsibility defined by acts of law. The current law issues however, need serious revision, in particular in aspects regarding range of this care, especially in medical procedures that can be performed to make it most safe for both children and teachers/caretakers.

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