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  1. D Sporis1,
  2. G Sur2
  1. 1University of Medicine and Pharmacy I. Hatieganu, ClujNapoca, Romania
  2. 2IInd Department of Pediatrics, Hospital in Cluj Napoca, ClujNapoca, Romania


Objectives 1 Establishing a preventive therapy before the exposure to a risk factor 2 decreasing the risk of food allergy and atopic dermatitis 3 blocking the appearance of asthmatic symptoms by the atopic individuals, by long term treatment with antihistamines.

Material and Method 342 cases have been studied from the Pediatrics II Hospital, over a period of 3 years 20042007. Actions have been taken to stop the allergic march evolution. Thus, for those allergic to cow milk proteins, it has been replaced with hypoallergenic hydrolysate of proteins. For those with atopic dermatitis the allergens were eliminated, and antihistamines, topical cortisones and Elidel were administered. In cases of allergic rhinitis local topical therapies and antihistamines were administered in cases of asthma, treatment was administered according to GINA.

Results In Pediatrics II Hospital there were 342 cases over the three year period 48 were allergic to cows milk, 46 had atopic dermatitis, 41 allergic rhinitis, 114 asthma, 57 asthma with rhinitis, 36 with allergic conjunctivitis. Of the 48 cases allergic to milk proteins, 5 developed atopic dermatitis by not respecting the diet and prescribed therapy. From the 46 with atopic dermatitis, 4 have developed allergic gastroenterocolitis by not respecting the diet, 6 with allergic rhinitis and 12 are chronically evaluated. From 41 allergic rhinitis cases, 4 cases developed asthma, by not respecting the therapy. The asthma cases had a good evolution under treatment.

Conclusions Applying preventive actions and adequate therapeutics, the appearance of more allergic diseases may be stopped or limited.

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