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  1. V Rodic1,
  2. Z M Zivkovic1,
  3. S D Radic1,
  4. S T Cerovic1,
  5. J Jocic Stojanovic1
  1. 1Pulmonology Department, Childrens Center for Respiratory Diseases and TB, Belgrade, Serbia


Aim 2 year follow up of children with acute bronchiolitis to determine the frequency of recurrent wheeze to determine whether there is a link between recurrent wheeze and risk factors such as mail gender, IgE, parental smoking habits, eczema, history of atopy in family, crowded living space investigation in the next 67 years.

Method Detailed history including information about allergen presence, breastfeeding, prior illnesses, prenatal and antenatal tobacco exposure, atopy in family regular check ups every 2months telephone interview twice a year.

Results The study included 92 children. Group A consisted of 65 children who had no breathing difficulties one year after hospitalization. Recurrent wheezing was experienced by 27 children group B, 7 are using steroid prevention and 11 without prevention. In group A 54 patients presented with mild bronchiolitis and 11 patients presented with a moderate form. In group B 18 children presented with a moderate bronchiolitis and 9 patients had a mild form. We determined the link of recurrent breathing problems in the first year of the follow up with factors such as male sex and IgE. The link between breathing difficulties in the first year of the follow up and parental smoking habits, eczema, history of atopy in family, and crowded living space wasnt proved. In the second year we found no link between respiratory problems and included parameters.

Conclusion Investigation in the next 67 years is inevitable to determine the prevalence and risk factors for asthma and allergic sensibilisation development in children up to 7 years and also to define the key age for coming down with bronchiolitis in terms of asthma development.

Saraswatula et al Investigation findings in children with difficult asthma

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