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  1. M Stojewska1,
  2. J Behrendt1,
  3. J Karpe1,
  4. U Godula-Stuglik1
  1. 1NICU, Department of Pediatrics, Silesian Medical University, Zabrze, Poland


Aim To assess spirometry tests, type and frequency of respiratory infections, and neurodevelopmental and neurosensorial disorders in children aged 812 with bronchopulmonary dysplasia BPD.

Material Retrospective study, which included 90 school age children 36 with BPD, 29 born preterm without BPD and 25 healthy, born at term without complications in neonatal period. Spirometry tests comprised 9 parameters.

Results Mean values of VC, FEV1, FVCEx, PEF, MEF75, MEF50 and MEF25 in children with BPD were significantly lower than in control. In 94 of children with BPD VC, in 75 FVCEx and MEF50, in 62 FEV1 were lower than normal values. In school age children without BPD similar abnormalities were noted PEF in 86, MEF75 in 82, VC in 64 and FEV1 in 46 of these children were below predictive values. Neurosensorial abnormalities in children with BPD were found in 19 53 cerebral palsy 4 11, neurodevelopmental retardation 11 31, epilepsy 4 11, hypoacusia 13 36, myopia 8 22, hyperopia 2 6, strabismus 5 14, articulation disorders 4 11.

Conclusions BPD and other severe respiratory disorders requiring treatment by mechanical ventilation using oxygen in premature born neonates induce in school age children persistent pulmonary dysfunction, mainly increased airways resistance and reactivity and increased morbidity rate of severe respiratory tract infections. Severe complications of neonatal period in preterm babies, especially with BPD, are associated with serious neurosensorial injuries in school age children. Not only is special medical attention required for these children, but also appropriate home environment and early rehabilitation are necessary to improve their quality of life.

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