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  1. M Khalili1,
  2. B Sharifi Mood1,
  3. M S Khalili1
  1. 1Department Of Pediatric Disease, Aliebn-EAbitaleb Hospital, Zahedan University Of Medical Sciences, Zahedan, Iran
  2. 2Department Of Infectious Disease, Boo-Ali Hospital Zahedan University Of Medical Sciences, Zahedan, Iran


Aim and Background Shigellosis is a cause of seizure in pediatric patients. Early detection is difficult, specially when it presents before diarrhea.

The aim of this study was to determination of aspect of seizure in shigellosis in children. Seizure was the first clinical presentation in these patients.

Methods In this retrospective study we overviewed the most common neurological finding, seizure in 164 patients on seizure before and after admission including the first clinical presentation before diarrhea, in Aliebne Abitaleb Hospital Zahedan, in the southeast of Iran. Data were analysed by SPSS software.

Results Of 164 established shigellosis cases, M/F = 1/1.43 cases (26.2%) were less than 1 year old, 108 (65.9%) were between 1–5, and 13 (7.9%) were above of 5 years old age. 19.5% had decreased conciousness, 76.8% of patients before, 16.5% after admission and 6.7% had recurrent seizure, previous history of seizure was positive in 16.5% of patients. 9.1% of patients had positive family history of seizure. High peak temperature in both sex was 38.5 oc, time of seizure was 5 min and was of generalized form.

Conclusion The family patients are not in a position to do early detection of shigellosis and complications, therefore attention must be paid to development of prevention, especially in children less than 5 years age group, which will decrease morbidity and mortality.

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