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  1. P Will1,
  2. S Brantner-Inntaler1,
  3. A Gyasi1,
  4. M Sacher1
  1. 1Children’s Department, Danube Hospital, Vienna, Austria


Objective and aims Acute unilateral facial palsy (AUFP) is one of the greatly-discussed diseases where diagnostic and management recommendation vary greatly and are also changed very often. The aim of this study is to share our collected data from 2006 until now.

Methods We retrospectively reviewed our data on AFUP; for that we conducted a search in our registry using the following ICD Codes G51.0, G51.8 and G51.9. The data of 47 (21 girls and 26 boys) patients were included in this study, with an age range from 3 years to almost 18 years (mean: 10.9). 35 (∼ 75%) of them under went diagnostic lumbar puncture, in 12 the procedure could not be performed for various reasons.

Results The cell count in the cerebrospinal fluid ranged from 0 to 996 (mean: 81), only 11 (31.4%) showed a pleocytosis, where 5 of them showed a marked increase in cell counts. The protein and the glucose levels showed a similar pattern, with a mean of 27.3 mg/dl (0–93.7) and mean of 59.7 mg/dl (43–76), respectively. As expected the levels were higher from Apr–Oct, than in the other months. The mean duration of symptoms before consultation was 1.9 days (several hours–7 d).

Conclusion As expected when lumbar puncture is performed early as in our case, results are at best very inconclusive. In sight of this short review our data will be reviewed back to year 2000, and presented in the case of our contribution being accepted.

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