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  1. S I Iurian1,
  2. B M Neamtu1,
  3. M L Neamtu1,
  4. S Iurian2,
  5. H Jidveianu3,
  6. C Berghea Neamtu3
  1. 1Pediatric Clinic, Pediatric Hospital, Sibiu, Romania
  2. 2Clinical Laboratory, Pediatric Hospital, Sibiu, Romania
  3. 3Pediatric Surgery Clinic, Pediatric Hospital, Sibiu, Romania


Objectives To present the clinical peculiarities regarding parasitic infections.

Methods The authors present a 4 case series of children with anemia and growth impairment. The first case was admitted for further investigations regarding a chronic allergic conjunctivitis. The second case was admitted in the context of recurrent wheezing episodes. The third case was suspected to have kidney malformation because of repeated urinary tract infections episodes, and the last case was further evaluated for recurrent skin allergy episodes.

Results Parasitological stool exams revealed: in the first case infection with Hymenolepis nana associated with Giardia intestinalis, in the 2nd case a massive infection with Ascaris lumbricoides and Trichiuris trichiura, in the 3rd case the stool exam was negative but adhesive tape test has revealed an infection with Enterobius vermicularis and in the 4th case only the third stool exam was positive for Giardia intestinalis. We have reconsidered the diagnosis for all 4 cases and we have initiated specific therapy with a good clinical evolution regarding growth impairment and the associated pathologies.

Conclusions 1. All four cases have presented impairment of nutritional status and were admitted for different pathologies (respiratory, renal, allergic); 2. The combined parasitic infections have suggested poor hygiene; 3. In spite of a high incidence, parasitic infections are generally underdiagnosed because the symptoms of parasitic infection can vary with high risk of diagnosis errors.

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