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Sexuality and fertility issues in ill health and disability: from early adolescence to adulthood
  1. S Haroon

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Edited by Rachel Balen and Marilyn Crawshaw. Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, UK, 2006, £25.00 (paperback), pp 304. ISBN 1-84310-339-7

Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me; let’s talk about all the good things …” sang Salt and Pepper in 1991. But it’s not just a pop group named after condiments that talk about sex. Everything from teen magazines to beer adverts does, such that everyone seems “at it”! However, society avoids discussing people whose “normal” sexual and fertile experiences are obscured because of chronic illness or treatment. They are marginalised into a taboo niche. This book is unique in addressing, and thus legitimising, these experiences and so empowering those affected.

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The book’s transatlantic, transprofessional authorship adds a rich mixture …

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