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Clinical assessment of children with disabilities: a practical guide and interactive CD Rom
  1. S Suri

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Edited by Catherine Hill, Hannah Buckley, Simon Burch, Fenella Kirkham. Published by University of Southampton, Southampton, 2006, £10,

This interactive CD Rom is a wonderful idea conceived and coordinated by Dr Catherine Hill and her team. There is plenty of paper-based material on this subject, but a teaching package with a multimedia format can only improve learning. This CD Rom is a joint effort of the Universities of Southampton and Aberdeen.

When inserted into the CD Rom drive, the title appears and displays a prominent “click to start” button that allows web browsers entry into the learning package. Clear instructions on the inside of the CD Rom cover state that this resource makes use of www technology. The cover is well designed and tries to show disability in a positive light.

The beginning on the index page mentions that this is a practical guide. The …

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