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Paediatric Respiratory Examination
  1. S McKenzie

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If there were an award for teaching material, this CD would win hands down. It is truly outstanding. That said, my heart sank when I was asked to review the disc because our last PC with a sound card had just been stolen. Preregistration house officers know about these things and have a lot of time on their hands. I asked John Saunders, our preregistration house officer in paediatrics, to find a suitable PC and show the CD to the undergraduates and SHOs. The students thought it was “brilliant”. Here is his report.

This CD Rom has 50 minutes video and 100 minutes audio. It is for junior doctors, medical students, nurses, physiotherapists, GPs, and for use as a teaching aid.

Subjects taught are asthma, tracheostomy, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, stridor, bronchiolitis, examination, and the neonate. Drop down menus expand each subject into, for example, definitions, history, clinical examination, and clinical cases. A chance to hear narration expanding the concise text or accompanying the videos is present on most pages. Videos show clinical cases with excellent clinical signs. Clicking highlighted text brings up definitions with related narration and video. There is also a single page glossary with links for viewing at any time.

Students liked the uncluttered layout, finding it easy to navigate. They appreciated the many clinical signs demonstrated, many of which they had read about but not yet seen in their attachments. The audio prompts ensured that they did not miss the more important features. The glossary was particularly helpful for quick reference, when they did not have time to go through whole sections of the CD Rom. The sound production was of extremely high quality.

Junior doctors also found it useful for revision but would have found a reference page helpful. One senior paediatrician thought it was “brilliant”, especially as it endorsed her view that wheeze is difficult to appreciate without a stethescope. We have been promised that there will be several copies of this in the library for us to look at before the next lecture.

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