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Twice Daily After Meals
  1. H Marcovitch

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If you would like to buy a gentle gift for a literate medical friend, you could do worse than this lighthearted escapade, all royalties from which are paid to the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund.

The editor, Dr Saleem Goolamali, has persuaded various of the great, good (and Lord Archer) to provide an anecdote or two, often with a medical basis.

Sir Edward Heath professes his love of American football, Rabbi Lionel Blue provides a recipe which will please encopretologists everywhere and a recently retired Regius Professor reminisces on how fate might have led him to be a ballet dancer instead. Would Covent Garden's gain have balanced Oxford's loss? Lord Archer relates a childhood memory which might well be true.

You won't split your sides but there are plenty of chuckles—and the RMBF is well worth supporting in its aim to provide help for doctors or their families who have fallen on hard times. You can order a copy from MediDerm, 25 Highfield Road, Northwood, HA6 1EU, UK.

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