Arch Dis Child 83:353-355 doi:10.1136/adc.83.4.353
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Recurrent skin peeling following Kawasaki disease


Long term follow up of 259 cases of Kawasaki disease led to the observation that 11% of children have episodes of recurrent peeling of the skin for several years after their recovery. These events were usually associated with an upper respiratory tract infection and were distinct from a recurrence of Kawasaki disease. Repeeling was significantly less frequent in children who had suffered coronary artery dilatation and was more frequently seen in those with nasal staphylococcal colonisation. The mechanism for this phenomenon is unclear, but it has been observed in a number of other conditions caused by infectious agents and their toxins. Paediatricians need to be aware of this phenomenon which is distinct from recurrence of Kawasaki disease.