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Ten years ago we published the firstFetal and Neonatal edition ofArchives of Disease in Childhood in response to the large number of high quality papers we were receiving in that area. Now published bimonthly (and available to personal subscribers who do not subscribe to the standard edition) the readership continues to grow. In fact, many authors indicate that if their paper is accepted they would prefer it to be published in the Fetal and Neonatal edition.  We clarify here the types of papers considered more suitable for the Fetal and Neonatal edition:

  • Basic science of the fetal and neonatal period including animal based research

  • Clinical research in fetal medicine and care of the newborn, especially randomised controlled trials

  • Outcome studies where the main variables against which outcome is assessed relate to the fetal or newborn period

  • Genetics where the focus is on prenatal diagnosis; the molecular and clinical genetics of abnormalities recognisable in the fetal and neonatal periods; and outcomes of genetic conditions and syndromes recognisable in the fetal and neonatal periods. We recognise that most general paediatricians have responsibilities for care of the newborn, and all paediatricians recognise the continuity of health and disease that stretches from fetal life to senility. Starting from this issue we highlight in the standard edition papers published in the concurrentFetal and Neonatal edition that are of general interest as they relate to community, social, and neurodevelopmental paediatrics (see page 289).

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