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Paediatric MCQs for Postgraduate Examinations: Volume 2—Practice Examinations.
  1. SHAMIMA RAHMAN, Clinical research fellow  

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    Paediatric MCQs for Postgraduate Examinations: Volume 2—Practice Examinations. By Simon Attard-Montalto, Vaskar Saha, and Osborn B Eden. (Pp 170, £14.99 paperback.) Butterworth Heinemann, 1996. ISBN 0-7506-2845-6.

    The paediatric MRCP part I examination has created a new market for the burgeoning industry which has developed around medical postgraduate examinations. These two volumes are the latest offerings to the multiple choice question (MCQ) hungry candidate. Volume 1 is a comprehensive review of systems while volume 2 provides six complete examinations for further practice. The authors have wisely refrained from adding to the myriad of often conflicting MCQ tips available to the bewildered candidate and state their brief as the provision of practice material. The advice proffered on examination technique is standard and uncontroversial.

    It is a remarkable feat to have conjured up quite so many obscure questions. However the answers are often short, with little or no explanation, and there is rather too much emphasis on eponyms and obscurities. One may question

    A. whether an earnest politician’s urine truly smells fishy (vol 1, p35)

    B. the odour of a non-earnest (insincere?) politician’s urine

    C. the wisdom of inserting jokes into an MCQ book and

    D. which of the above is true.

    Otherwise the questions are generally well organised and unambiguous, and comparable with those in the specimen paper available from the Royal College of Physicians.

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