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    Although most philosophers of science favour deductive research, induction (the ‘lets take a stroll and see what we can stumble across’ method) still has its attractions for many in medicine. Dermatologists in Edinburgh (G C Priestley and colleagues. Pediatric Dermatology 1996;13:14-7) have tested the skin of babies’ nappy areas after the use of various commercial wipes each consisting of a tissue impregnated with a mild, water-based lotion.  They found that one brand of wipe, out of four tested, caused a fall in skin pH from 5.5 to 5.0 over a period of four weeks. This brand had a lower pH (2.8) than the others. There were no adverse effects detected clinically.  They have no idea what it means but they will have put themselves in a wonderful position to say, ‘Told you so’.

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