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Radiological evidence of constipation in urinary tract infection.
  1. A J Blethyn,
  2. H R Jenkins,
  3. R Roberts,
  4. K Verrier Jones
  1. Department of Radiology, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff.


    Little objective evidence has been published to support the claim that constipation is an important contributory factor in recurrent urinary tract infection (UTI) in childhood. Using a radiological scoring system, two observers assessed faecal loading from abdominal radiographs of children with proved UTIs. There was a significant increase in the degree of faecal loading in children with UTI when compared with controls (r = 0.237). This difference was mainly accounted for by girls with recurrent (greater than five) UTIs. This study confirms an association between recurrent UTI and faecal loading. Further studies are needed to establish if there is a causal relationship and benefits from treatment.

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