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Infantile osteopetrosis; bone marrow transplantation from a cousin donor.
  1. G M Taylor,
  2. S P Dearden,
  3. A M Will,
  4. D I Evans,
  5. R F Stevens,
  6. S Simon,
  7. M Super,
  8. G Morrell,
  9. W D Fergusson,
  10. I H Brown
  1. Immunogenetics Laboratory, St Marys Hospital, Manchester.


    The successful correction of infantile osteopetrosis in an Asian child by bone marrow transplantation (BMT) from an HLA-A,B matched cousin donor is reported. Retrospective HLA molecular analysis revealed that patient and donor were incompatible for HLA-DPB1. Donor type cells detected in the patient after transplantation indicate successful engraftment. The patient is currently alive and well.

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