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Spermaturia and puberty.
  1. J L Pedersen,
  2. K Nysom,
  3. M Jørgensen,
  4. C T Nielsen,
  5. J Müller,
  6. N Keiding,
  7. N E Skakkebaek
  1. Department of Growth and Reproduction, Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.


    The pattern of spermaturia in boys at different stages of puberty was investigated. Fractionated 24 hour urine was collected for nine consecutive days from eight boys aged 13-14 years and 10 boys aged 15-17 years. Spermatozoa were detected by microscopic examination of the sediment. Sex characteristics were recorded. Fifty five per cent of all urine samples were positive for sperm and all boys showed spermaturia. A large variation in spermaturia was found between and within boys at the same stage of puberty. Spermaturia was a more common and regular event during early and mid-puberty than in more mature subjects. This indicates that the mechanism of spermaturia in early and late puberty could be different. It is suggested that spermaturia in non-virilised boys could be a result of a spontaneous, continuous flow of spermatozoa to the urethra in contrast with the peristaltic flow during ejaculation occurring at a later stage of puberty.

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