Arch Dis Child 66:931-933 doi:10.1136/adc.66.8.931
  • Research Article

Prognosis of motor development and joint hypermobility.

  1. E Tirosh,
  2. M Jaffe,
  3. R Marmur,
  4. Y Taub,
  5. Z Rosenberg
  1. Hannah Khoushy Child Development Center, Baal Zion Medical Center, Haifa, Israel.


      In a study of 59 infants aged 18 months there were 20 with joint hypermobility and delayed motor development, 19 with joint hypermobility and normal motor development, and 20 normal controls. They were reassessed for motor function 3.5 years later at the age of 5 years. Both gross and fine motor performance were significantly delayed in the group of children who exhibited joint hypermobility and motor delay in infancy. No significant delay was evident in those with joint hypermobility only. Joint hypermobility resolved more frequently in children who presented normal motor development at age 18 months. Infants with joint hypermobility and motor delay are a subgroup associated with a less favourable motor outcome and careful follow up is indicated.