Arch Dis Child 66:488-490 doi:10.1136/adc.66.4.488
  • Research Article

Breast feeding and protection against neonatal sepsis in a high risk population.

  1. R N Ashraf,
  2. F Jalil,
  3. S Zaman,
  4. J Karlberg,
  5. S R Khan,
  6. B S Lindblad,
  7. L A Hanson
  1. Department of Social and Preventive Paediatrics, King Edward Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan.


      Protection against neonatal sepsis by breast feeding was investigated in a developing community. A case-control study was carried out with 42 cases from a hospital and 270 controls, matched for age and socioeconomic conditions from the community. Exclusive breast feeding was extremely rare, most babies being partially breast fed and a few being given formula feed or animal milk. A highly significant odds ratio of 18 was obtained, showing that even partial breast feeding protects against neonatal sepsis in such a population.