Arch Dis Child 63:1268-1269 doi:10.1136/adc.63.10.1268
  • Research Article

Disseminated BCG in HIV infection.

  1. J Ninane,
  2. A Grymonprez,
  3. G Burtonboy,
  4. A Francois,
  5. G Cornu
  1. Department of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology, Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, Brussels, Belgium.


      A boy, born to a mother with AIDS related complex, was immunised with BCG on the 10th day of life. At the age of 4 months he presented with a local enlarged lymph node, fever, hypotonia, and diarrhoea. Mycobacterium bovis, BCG strain, was grown from the lymph node and cerebrospinal fluid; this proved dissemination.