Arch Dis Child 62:253-257 doi:10.1136/adc.62.3.253
  • Research Article

Controlled trial of trimeprazine tartrate for night waking.


Mild hypnotics are often recommended for young children with sleep problems. This study assesses the efficacy of trimeprazine tartrate in 1 to 3 year old children with persistent and severe night waking in a double blind crossover trial with placebo. Children on treatment with trimeprazine had significantly fewer wakings, less time awake at night, and more night time sleep compared with those on treatment with placebo. There were no differences in these sleep variables when the first and last (fourth) week of treatment with drugs were compared. Follow up observations showed no significant difference in any sleep variables from baseline measures. The results are consistent with the idea that trimeprazine tartrate may be a useful short term treatment for night waking in young children.