Arch Dis Child 62:1152-1155 doi:10.1136/adc.62.11.1152
  • Research Article

Personal health records: an evaluation.

  1. S O'Flaherty,
  2. E Jandera,
  3. J Llewellyn,
  4. M Wall
  1. Westmead Hospital, New South Wales, Australia.


      A cohort of mothers whose babies were born over one calendar month were followed up eight to 11 months after being given a personal health record for their newborn babies. Eight per cent of mothers lost the records and three more said they had not been given a record while in hospital; a total of 10% of mothers had either lost or misplaced the record. There were no particular demographic characteristics which identified the mothers who were more likely to lose the record. Most parents liked personal health records and used them frequently, as did the community health staff. Most private doctors, however, did not find them useful. Before wider distribution of such records is contemplated health workers should be adequately prepared, especially doctors in the private sector.