Arch Dis Child 57:231-233 doi:10.1136/adc.57.3.231
  • Research Article

Timing of neonatal cerebroventricular haemorrhage with ultrasound.


Sequential real-time ultrasound examinations were performed in 174 neonates to determine the time of occurrence of cerebroventricular haemorrhage (CVH). Of the 47 infants in whom CVH was detected, in 36 (77%) CVH was present at the first examination. Of the 34 infants with CVH who were examined first within 6 hours of birth, 24 (71%) already had haemorrhage demonstrable at the initial scan. Extension of a CVH after its initial detection occurred in only 3 infants. Of 124 consecutive infants of birthweights less than 1500 g, 38 (31%) developed CVH, 56% of the outborn and 27% of the inborn babies. Our results indicate that most infants who develop CVH have done so within 6 hours of birth.