Arch Dis Child 56:831-835 doi:10.1136/adc.56.11.831
  • Research Article

Child growth (0-5 years), and the effect of entitlement to a milk supplement.


Twelve hundred and fifty-one pregnant women were contacted and their infants followed to age 5 years. Nine hundred and fifty-one (76%) children completed the trial. Measurements were made of birthweight, length, head circumference, and triceps skinfold at 10 days, and of weight, height, head circumference, and triceps at 5 years. Throughout the entire period of the study half the families, selected at random, were supplied with milk tokens entitling the mother, while pregnant, and all children under age 5 years, to 1 pint of milk a day at half its current price. The tokens led to a small increase in milk purchases by the families and to a small increase in milk drunk by the children. However no effect was detected in any growth measurement either in the total group, or in a more "vulnerable" group of children from the largest families.