Arch Dis Child 53:126-131 doi:10.1136/adc.53.2.126
  • Research Article

Endocrine studies in Fanconi's anaemia. Report of 4 cases.


Four boys with Fanconi's anaemia and growth hormone (GH) deficiency are reported. Case 1 had isolated GH deficiency and responded to HGH and to oxandrolone treatment. Case 2, his brother, had milder haematological and dysmorphic manifestations and maintained a low-normal growth rate without treatment in spite of laboratory evidence of GH deficiency. Case 3 had multiple hypothalamopituitary defects, including deficiencies of GH, ACTH, and gonadotrophins. Case 4 had isolated GH deficiency and responded moderately well to HGH treatment. 3 of the 4 patients had bilateral cryptorchidism, 2 with increased plasma gonadotrophins, indicating primary testicular failure. We conclude that GH deficiency, isolated or combined with other hypothalamopituitary defects, and primary testicular failure with cryptorchidism are frequent but not constant features of Fanconi's anaemia.