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Determination of glomerular function in advanced renal failure.
  1. F Manz,
  2. H Alatas,
  3. W Kochen,
  4. P Lutz,
  5. W Rebien,
  6. K Schärer


    In 15 children with advanced chronic renal failure, glomerular filtration rate was determined by different methods. Inulin clearance correlated well with the mean of creatinine and urea clearance, and also with 51-chromium edetic acid (EDTA) clearance measured over 24 hours. The absolute values of creatinine clearance and of 51Cr-EDTA clearance measured up to 8 hours were higher than inulin clearance. In advanced renal failure both the 51Cr-EDTA clearance measured over 24 hours, and the mean of creatinine and urea clearance, provide acceptable estimates of true glomerular filtration rate.

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