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P126 The case of generalised sarcoidosis in 11-year old boy
  1. Namazova-Baranova LS1,
  2. Stepanyan IE2,
  3. Gevorkyan AK1,
  4. Selimzianova LR1,
  5. Simonova AY1,
  6. Vishneva EA1,
  7. Kustova OV1,
  8. Promyslova EA1
  1. 1Federal State Autonomus Institution «National Scientific and Practical Centre of Children’s Health» Of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
  2. 2Federal State Budgetary Scientific facility «Central Scientific Research Institute of Tuberculosis»


Sarcoidosis occurs in children very rare. There is not clear recommendation about dose and duration of corticosteroid therapy in children with sarcoidosis.

The 11 year old male had fatigue and granuloma annulare on his legs from February 2014. He was treated by benzatin benzylpenicillin with partial effect. Enlarged mediastinal and supraclavicular lymph nodes, small focuses in both lungs with tendency to conglomeration and small focuses in the spleen were revealed on CT-scan (CT) in July 2014. TB infection was excluded. Sarcoidosis was proven by supraclavicular lymph node biopsy. Spirometry: FEF75 – was decreased, salbutamol test – negative. The boy was prescribed methylprednisolon 22 mg/day from 18.08.2014 till 4.09.14, with further gradual reduction till withdrawal on 8.09.15. Annular granuloma and fatigue were resolved to October 2014, spirometry became normal to December 2014. CT on 16.03.15 revealed reduction of mediastinal lymph nodes size and quantity of lung focuses, CT on 15.10.15, 25.03.16 and 30.01.2017 remained this positive tendency.

Conclusion This is a rare case of generalised sarcoidosis in child. It demonstrates effect of methylprednisolone therapy with gradual reduction during one year.

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