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P7 Incidence of varicella among our patients
  1. Mitka Trencheva,
  2. Svetlana Smugreska
  1. PHI Dr. Mitka Trencheva, PHI Dr. Svetlana Smugreska


Introduction and goal Varicella is still one of the often occurring diseases accompanied by a rash that affect children. This health problem is the reason behind the large number of absent students, as well as the increased level of personal days parents have to take since their children are ill.

The goal is to evaluate the number of affected persons and the clinical picture of our patients, thus decide whether it is necessary to introduce inoculation as preventive means.

This paper presents the total number of medical examinations per year, in the period of five years (2012–2016), percentage pertaining to children affected by varicella, and their clinical picture.

Material and Methods Clinical examination, basic lab analyses, and, if deemed necessary, consultations with an infectious disease specialist. All data has been collected from medical files of patients attended to by our private health institution.

Results and Conclusion Results point to a fluctuating number of persons affected by the disease, which has reached a peak in 2016, while the number of medical examinations is fairly the same each year. Thus, the question arises whether inoculation should be introduced.

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