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P327 Profile of paediatric patients with acute laryngitis
  1. Otilia Frasinariu,
  2. Aniela Rugina,
  3. Irina Ciomaga,
  4. Nistor Nicolai,
  5. Violeta Streanga
  1. University of Medicine and Pharmacy ‘Grigore T. Popa’ Iasi


Background and aims Acute laryngitis is the most common cause of upper airway obstruction in children, accounting for 90% of stridor case. The aim of the study was to evaluate the clinical-epidemiological profile of children with croup.

Methods The study group consists in 94 children, 37 girls and 57 boys, aged 3 months – 13 years, hospitalised in a Paediatric Clinic during 16 months, diagnosed with acute laringytis. Diagnostic criteria were the presence of inspiratory laryngeal stridor, dysphonia, and barking cough.

Results The distribution of patients by age groups showed that 18% were infants, 45% were 1–3 years age old, 24% of patients were 3–7 years age old and 13% of patients were older than 7 years. Depending on the environment, 45% of patients were from urban areas and 55% from rural areas. The incidence of croup was higher in autumn-winter periods, 64% of cases. Anamnesis showed a high risk of croup in patients with previous respiratory infections, 33% of children; also 10% of patients had recurrent laryngitis. Associated symptoms were headache (16% of cases), dysphagia (6% of cases), loss of appetite (21% of cases), nasal obstruction in 50% of patients, runny nose in 31% of patients and ear pain in 16% of patients. Based on Downes score, laryngitis was mild in 32% cases, moderate in 20% cases and severe in 48% cases. Three cases were suspected of epiglottitis and x-ray was performed. Severe cases needed oxygen administration and 51% of them association of antibiotic in treatment.

Conclusions Most of patients in the study group had severe manifestation of laryngitis. The peak incidence was in children aged 1–3 years, predominantly in boys.

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