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P218 Presentations and predisposing factors of children’s gallstones
  1. Mandana Rafeey,
  2. Yahya Nazari
  1. liver&gastrointestinal research centre, Tabriz university of medical sciences


Background Gallstones is uncommon in children.even though recently, widespread use of sonography for different abdominal signs and symptoms increases incidental detections of gallstones. Epidemiology, predisposing factors of cholelithiasis is vary in different population.

Material and method In descriptive retrospective study, all patients who diagnosed with cholelithiasis in Tabriz kodakan’s hospital from 21 march 2009 to 19 march 2016 were analysed based epidemiology, age, gender, predisposing factors and clinical presentation.

Result A total of 37 cases, 21 female and 16 male. (56.7%, 43,3% respectively).The mean age was 6.47±4.53 years. The most common predisposing factor included hemolytic disease(27%),ceftriaxone therapy(13.5%),hyperlipidemia(8.1%),Cystic fibrosis(2.7%),ileal resection(2.7%).In 45.9% (17 cases) no predisposing factor was detected. The most common complaint included abdominal pain, vomiting and nausea, fever, diarrhoea. Seven patients were symptom free.

Conclusion Due to widespread use of sonography and higher incidence of obesity and hyperlipidemia ; diagnosis of cholelithiasis in children is increasing. In this study 54.1% of patients had at least one predisposing factor,The most common predisposing factor included hemolytic diseases,ceftriaxone therapy, hyperlipidemia.The most common complaint was abdominal pain,19% were asymptomatic..In this study more than 50% of patients had at least one risk factor.

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