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G228(P) A Case of Childhood Scurvy
  1. J Burgess-Shannon,
  2. C Milne
  1. General Paediatrics, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Glasgow, UK


Scurvy, a rare condition resulting from vitamin C deficiency, is seldom seen in modern day paediatric practice and therefore presents a diagnostic challenge to clinicians who may not be used to considering it as a differential. It commonly presents with constitutional, musculoskeletal, haematological and cutaneous symptoms that can mimic a wide range of other pathologies. Imperative to its timely diagnosis is enquiry into dietary habits of paediatric patients presenting with such symptoms.

We present a case of a previously well, 3 year old boy presenting with leg pain and decreased mobility who had a number of encounters with healthcare professionals before an underlying diagnosis of scurvy was made. We feel this case highlights the need to consider scurvy as a differential diagnosis as it remains relevant even in modern day practice. It also highlights that there may be a role for incorporating dietary screening questions into our standard paediatric history taking where clinical circumstances allow as this remains an opportunity for health promotion that may be key to preventing a number of nutritional problems for our patients before symptoms occur.

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