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G217(P) It’s Not Just Children Who Arrest on Paediatric Units! Experience of Paediatricians Resuscitating Aadults – the Need for Adult Updates
  1. M Donaghy,
  2. J Henderson
  1. Paediatrics, Antrim Area Hospital, Antrim, UK


Background For most paediatricians it has been a number of years since they have worked in adult medicine or been certified in adult ALS/ILS. Some units have introduced mandatory adult resuscitation updates for paediatric nursing staff; however, there is currently no requirement for paediatricians to remain qualified in adult life support. There are a large number of adult visitors to paediatric wards and outpatient departments on a daily basis. A lot of these adults will have several concomitant medical conditions. It is on this basis we feel that paediatricians should remain updated in adult life support.

Aim To obtain the view of paediatricians of all grades on the need for adult resuscitation updates.

Method An online survey from a representative group of the paediatric medical staff population of Northern Ireland was completed at a district general hospital (Antrim Area); followed by an in-situ adult resuscitation simulation led by the hospital’s resuscitation officer.

Results There was a response rate of 67% (22/33). 5 consultants, 2 associate specialists, 11 paediatric trainees, 2 foundation trainees and 2 GP trainees. Over 50% last completed adult ALS/ILS over five years ago. 36% have had experience in adult emergencies while working in a paediatric post. 91% feel that paediatricians should be trained in adult ILS. The feedback from the resuscitation officer and of the group (F2 to consultant grade) participating in the in-situ simulation demonstrated there is a need for paediatricians to remain updated in adult ILS in the hospital setting.

Conclusion These results suggest that any doctor working in a paediatric post should be updated in adult ILS. How frequent these updates need to occur is up for discussion. This should be considered in all paediatric departments across Northern Ireland to stabilise an adult patient before the adult team are available to continue/lead resuscitative efforts.

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