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G208 An Innovative and Effective Model of Completing WPBAs- CbD (Case Based Discussion) Clinics
  1. S Deepak,
  2. A Ponnampalam,
  3. C Brown
  1. Nottingham Children’s Hospital, Nottingham, UK


Objective PaedCbD is a workplace based assessment tool for paediatric trainees that has been designed to assess clinical reasoning and decision-making. Trainees survey highlighted that often trainees felt difficulties in completing the assessments on a regular basis and many WBPAs work place based assessments were completed immediately prior to ARCP. It also appeared that same consultants were carrying out the assessments with junior doctors.

Methodology We developed a clinic model for carrying out the assessments. all consultants in general paediatrics and all paediatric subspecialties were approached to offer a dedicated 1 PA annual session for this. An electronic booking system was developed with consultant CBD clinic dates and timeslots whereby trainees could self-book specified timeslot. Frequent email reminders were sent to the trainees informing them of the available clinic slots.

Results We had a very positive response from both the consultants and trainees. Trainees liked the electronic system as they found it easier than approaching consultants directly for appointments and felt assured the session would happen and necessary forms be completed. Consultants enjoyed these sessions as they had allocated time to spend with the trainees without any disruption and it felt less pressured than in the pre ARCP timeframe. Trainees particularly appreciated the opportunity to discuss subspecialty cases with specialist consultants.

Conclusion This was a successful endeavour. We have run 43 clinics in 1 year period with 13 in first 6 months and 30 in the second 6 months. The clinic model seems to have established well and continuing to expand. Currently all the clinics are fully booked and the clinics are spread throughout the year. General feedback has been most of the trainees are undertaking their assessments in timely fashion in line with their college recommendations. We are hoping to continually improve this model and expand it to do other types of WPBAs as well.

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