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G190(P) Patient and family experience of endoscopy at a tertiary paediatric gastroenterology unit
  1. JWY Wan,
  2. E Griffiths,
  3. M Thomson,
  4. D Campbell,
  5. A Urs,
  6. D Belsha,
  7. P Rao,
  8. P Narula
  1. Gastroenterology, Sheffield Childrens Hospital, Sheffield, UK


Background A paediatric global ratings scale for endoscopy(PGRS) is currently being piloted and this will provide a quality and safety framework for service improvement in Paediatric endoscopy units. An important aspect of this is patient involvement and an annual survey on the patient’s experience.

Aim A patient/parent feedback survey was used to evaluate the endoscopy experience for our patients and family, as part of an annual endoscopy audit plan.

Method A questionnaire that has previously been approved by our clinical governance team in 2013 was used. Questionnaires were distributed to patients and parents over a 3 week period (24/10/16–11/11/16).

Results 28 questionnaires were returned, including an even spread between age groups. The results are illustrated in Table 1.

Abstract G190(P) Table 1

Results of patient/parent questionnaire

Conclusion Overall, patients and families have had a good experience of endoscopy at our Unit, which is in line with previous studies. Areas for improvement include a need for specific endoscopy information and post procedure advice leaflets, and adolescent care.

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