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G177(P) Development of a hospital’s multidisciplinary approach to diabetes education
  1. V Dublon,
  2. N Jain,
  3. S Green,
  4. M Benitez-Castillo,
  5. C Bukuku
  1. Paediatrics, Royal Free London, London, UK


Aim To further aid the transition of children with diabetes from primary to secondary school through the embedding of educational activities designed together with our teaching colleagues and multidisciplinary Paediatric Diabetes Team. Improving the understanding of diabetes and how best it can be controlled and monitored.

Methods 10 patients with diabetes, aged between 10–12 years, and their families were invited to the Royal Free Hospital Children’s School from 11.30am until 3.30 pm during the school half term. The activities covered the following topics, Diabetes UK, Juvinille Diabetes Research Foundation, food you would keep game, Free Style Libra intro, Carb Counting Quiz, Carb counting todays lunch and correction doses for you, were under taken and throughout the day they all had chance to trail the Free Style Libra blood Glucose monitors.

Pre and Post evaluation forms were completed at the end of the session, then all the patients were contacted two weeks later to assess their impressions regarding the use of the monitors provided on the day.

This educational model was developed from the previous year, by the addition of Freestyle Libra trails throughout the day.

Results There was a measurable improvement in both parent and children’s knowledge of insulin and carbohydrates, the ability to identify and measure the carbohydrate content of different foods, awareness of charities working in diabetes and an improvement in understanding, access and application of diabetes related technology now available.

Conclusion Maintaining and developing the previous year’s programme, by the introduction of the new technology leads to improved patient uptake and outcomes.

We are generating a sustainable social network with professionals and families where good practice can be shared.

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