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G424 Vision problems in attention defecit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)- a preliminary survey
  1. SJ Perera,
  2. D Katangodage
  1. Department of Paediatrics, Southend University Hospital, Southend on Sea, UK


Aim: To ascertain the type and the prevalence of visual problems in Children and Adolescents attending ADHD clinics.

Method: 1. Hospital records coded for 1.ADHD 2. vision problems(any) 3. eye problems were serched for the five year period preceding the survey.

31.october 2016.Current capacity problems within the service structure meant children awaiting confirmation of the diagnosis; similar clinical presentations were included in the cohort but separated at analysis. Data collection and analysis- done using Microsoft XL/SPSS.

Results: I. no records of ADHD and visoin problems or eye problems were identified for the paediatric age group (<18 years) with the data coding.

Results of the Survey. Age range 4.11–14.4years, M: F 46:4. ADHD 23, ASD 2, Tics 1, others 24. Vision problems identified in 24/50.

Abstract G424(P) Table 1

Diagnosis vs Vision

Abstract G424(P) Table 2

Description of visual problems in ADHD vs non ADHD children

83% needed prescription glasses.Squints were identified in six children. (1ADHD vs 5 non ADHD).Colour vision anomalies were identified in 4 (type not known)

Conclusion: Visual problems are common in children attending clinics at the Light House CDC. (24/50)ADHD children (43 %) and non ADHD children (51%) both have visual problems.83% needed prescription glasses.colour naming deficits were also identified.

Limitations of the survey.small sample size.non ADHD group included children awaiting a diagnosis.The degree of visual impairment not quantified.

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