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G419(P) Parental awareness of recurrence risk for congenital heart disease
  1. S Rajendran,
  2. S Polyviou
  1. Paediatric Cardiology, Oxford Universty Hospital Trust, Oxford, UK


Background and aims The purpose of this study was to assess parental awareness of increased risk for congenital heart disease (CHD) in future pregnancies having had a child with CHD.

Methods Using a questionnaire, parents of 21 consecutive children with an antenatal diagnosis of CHD were asked whether they knew that they had an increased risk in future pregnancies; those who were aware were asked how they had heard about this.

Results The parents of 12 patients (57%) had been informed about the increased risk, mostly at their Paediatric Cardiology appointment. The percentage of positive replies was higher after the age of 1 year (77% vs 25%).

Conclusions Parents who have had a child with CHD are at a slightly increased risk for recurrence in future pregnancies. Discussion of this risk can easily be overlooked; it is recommended that this should be included in the information given at follow up cardiac clinics, ideally with written version to take away with them.

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