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G380(P) Hearing impairment after acute meningitis in children
  1. F Zeeshan1,
  2. A Bari1,
  3. M Nazar1,
  4. F Hameed2,
  5. U Jabeen1,
  6. AW Rathore1
  1. Paediatric Medicine Children Hospial and ICH Lahore, Pakistan
  2. Audiology Department Children Hospital and ICH Lahore, Paksitan


To determine the frequency of hearing loss in acute episode of meningitis in children

Study design A descriptive study.

Methodology A total of 175 children 1 months to 13 years of age from Jan 2014 – 2015 admitted with diagnosis of meningitis were included. Complete blood count, CSF cytology, biochemistry, culture sensitivity and were performed CT scan was done if required. Hearing assessment was done after four weeks of completion of treatment using otoaccoustic emmissions after obtaining normal tympanogra. Information recorded in a pre-designed proforma and data will be analysed. Hearing impairment will be classified as sensorinueral if ottoaccoustic emission abnormal while tympanometry was normal.

Results Out of 175 children 58% were males and 42% females. Mean age was 2.1 years. Nearly all had fever, 58% presented with irritability, 90% with fits. 7% had GCS<8, 32% had GCS between 8 and 15. Signs of meningeal irritation were seen in 31% while focal signs only in 4%. The data showed 15% had CT scan done out of which 72% showed abnormal findings. CSF culture was positive in 6.3% while complications were seen in 9.7%. Hearing test was carried out with ottoaccoustic emissions which was abnormal in 22% of cases. Hearing deficit was correlated with stay duration of more than 10 days (p=0.06), low GCS at presentation (p=0.009) and meningitis with complications (p=0.008)

Conclusion The frequency of hearing loss is 22% following acute episode of meningitis which necessitates the need for implementation of screening assessment after meningitis in Pakistan. Prolonged stay, low GCS and complicated meningitis are risk factor for hearing impairment in our study.

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