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G345(P) Medical student tips
  1. J Barson1,
  2. L Peers2,
  3. H Clargo3
  1. Sheffield Medical School, Sheffield, UK
  2. Child Assessment Unit, Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, Sheffield, UK
  3. Neonatology, Sheffield Teaching Hospital, Sheffield, UK


Aims The aim of this project is to develop an electronic teaching platform to supplement lecture based teaching for medical students during their paediatric placement. Throughout their placement students are expected to work through an index list of conditions; concise emails (tips) have been written by paediatric consultants and registrars on these topics and will be sent out daily to students via an email scheduler such that only those currently on their paediatric rotation receive the email.

Methods Following the pilot run of the teaching platform, feedback was received from students to gauge their opinion and ask for improvements. 96% of the 36 students sampled were interested in receiving the emails and all found the example tip useful. A quiz at the end of the email and images (where appropriate i.e. for rashes) were requested and have been incorporated into the final product. Medical students on their August rotation were the first cohort to receive a full 7 weeks of teaching (the length of their paediatric placement). An evaluation form was designed and sent out to the students.

Results Out of the 38 students who received the teaching, 15 completed the evaluation form. The results are presented in the table below:

Abstract G345 Table 1

Conclusion Following the positive feedback from the first cohort of students we would like to continue providing teaching for the next cohort of students and eventually roll out the platform to other medical schools and teaching hospitals in the region. If this proves successful, students have displayed interest in the teaching covering other specialities. To keep the content up to date, a nominated member of our team oversees regularly reviewing the literature and making amendments were appropriate.

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